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Six Test Methods to Get Rubber Raw Materials Under Control

Author: Richard D. Hanzlik, Alpha Technologies Product Manager

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This is not new news – rubber and polymer processing can sometimes appear to be a crap shoot. From batch to batch a lot can happen to cause variations in your product. Things as simple as humidity in the plant or the mixing speed of a Banbury can change key properties in a batch, which is why manufacturers routinely test each batch that comes out of a mixer using an RPA. But when do you first measure your materials? If it’s at the point right after it drops from the mixer, that’s too late. An RPA should be your first line of defense against variability in the raw materials – either coming into your plant or, if you are a supplier, before leaving your plant for a customer’s manufacturing facility. Rubber product manufacturers need to test their raw materials when they show up on the loading dock before they are put into production. And of equal or greater importance… suppliers of raw elastomers should be providing more than Mooney Viscosity data when they ship out their materials.

Driving Out Variation Ebook Cover Image


How do you know if your raw materials are good or bad and why? Viscosity helps you determine this.

Frequency Sweeps

Two materials show the same value but when you go to process them, you end up with two different results.

Real World Case Studies

Different raw materials behave differently. Learn how raw materials behave in these examples.

Insights for Manufacturers

Real World Case Studies

Learn more about elastomer gel and how it can impact your raw materials, and the quality of your products. ASTM D6204 can help guide you in determining if you have a quality product.

Good or Bad.... Do You Really Know?

Do you know how viscosity help you determine if your products are good or bad? Learn about shear rate, temperature and state of cure as it relates to viscosity.

What Test methods are Available to you?

A common scenario: two materials that show the same value on a Mooney but when you go to process them, they end up with two different results. How do you handle this issue?

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Driving Out Variation Ebook Cover Image