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Alpha Technologies Introduces Destructive Physical Property Testing to Rheology Line with Launch of New AlphaFlexTM Tensile Tester

Hudson, OH, April 1, 2024 — Alpha Technologies, a leader in the rubber and polymer testing
industries, is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation tensile solution, the AlphaFlex10TM Tensile Tester. This state-of-the-art tensile tester adds destructive physical property testing to Alpha’s line of rheology instruments.

The AlphaFlex10 tensile tester seamlessly integrates with the trusted software and service support of rheology equipment products that are an integral part of Alpha’s comprehensive solutions for rubber and elastomer material testing needs. 

“Alpha Technologies is committed to providing the best possible testing solutions across a number of platforms including cure, rheology, and now destructive physical property testing,” says Neil Friery, President at Alpha Technologies. “This addition to our already powerful line of rheometers enables our customers to analyze their materials in almost every way that is practical.” Add this state-of-the-art tensile tester instrument to your lineup to take advantage of:

• The convenience of one Alpha field service engineer and the same compatible software for all
your Alpha instruments

• The power of 60 years of experience from Alpha Technologies

• The reliability of Alpha instruments

AlphaFlex10 integrates seamlessly with the full portfolio of rheology testing instruments you already know and trust from Alpha Technologies – improving lead times, reducing complexity and
adding convenience to your everyday workflow.

“As a global manufacturer and supplier of materials testing machines, we are excited to continue
our long partnership with Alpha Technologies in the rubber industry. Our cutting-edge research and development capabilities combined with Alpha’s global service network and Enterprise software, delivers unparalleled value for rubber testing laboratories around the world.” says David Wheeler, President at Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company.

The AlphaFlex10 Tensile Tester offers a wide range of testing modes, from tension and compression to flexural testing. This versatility empowers researchers and engineers to explore new horizons in material behavior analysis. Additionally, AlphaFlex10’s modular design allows users to tailor the testing setup to their unique requirements. From specialized grips to advanced data acquisition modules, customization possibilities are limitless.

Benefits of the AlphaFlex10 Tensile Tester include:

• The seamless integration of Enterprise software that connects to all your other Alpha instruments

• The convenience of retaining the same service person you already use for all your Alpha instruments

• The shorter lead times and individualized experience you’ve come to know and love from Alpha

The AlphaFlex10 can be purchased directly from an Alpha sales representative or an authorized Alpha distributor.

We’re led by rheology scientists and engineers who continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible. And now our partnership with Tinius Olsen on AlphaFlex10 adds 144 years of research and development experience to our knowledge base.


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