eBook: Predicting Tire Performance Through Rheometry

Rheometry's Role in Tire Performance

Author: Richard D. Hanzlik, Alpha Technologies Product Manager

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Rolling resistance, wet/dry traction, ice traction, and handling/cornering are key tire performance indicators that can be difficult to determine experimentally. This creates a need for a simpler approach to measure viscoelastic tire performance predictors for tread compounds that is quick and easy to automate. Standard dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) involves time-consuming sample preparation and requires specialized operators which limits its use to R&D environments. Therefore, with the right testing instrument and a firm understanding of viscoelastic properties such as loss modulus, tan d, and loss compliance at various temperatures it is possible to predict a tire’s performance based on data collected from a simple rubber process analyzer rheometer.

Testing Methods

RPA Test methods correlate to your current DMA testing to help support the change to a new instrument with grater accuracy.

Tire Performance with An RPA

Predict the performance of rolling resistance, wet and dry traction and ice traction by using one instrument and one test.

Real World Case Studies

Different compounds behave differently. Learn how carbon black and silica can affect your tire performance testing.

Insights for Tire and Rubber Producers

Real World Standards VS. Test Results

What you really need is a test method that correlates with the standard, but that can be performed quickly and easily in a production environment. Learn more in the Ebook.

Understanding Tread Performance

Determination of the type of deformation process and the relevant dynamic viscoelastic property for each tire performance is necessary. Futomura, 1990

Important Terms to Know

Viscoelasticity, Viscous, Elastic Energy, Variables and many other term used throughout the eBook.

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