Streamline Your Rubber Testing with the Alpha Tensile Tester

Add this state-of-the-art tensile tester instrument to your lineup to take advantage of:

  • The power of 60 years of experience from Alpha Technologies
  • The reliability of Alpha instruments
  • The convenience of one Alpha field service engineer and the same compatible software for all your Alpha instruments

AlphaFlex10 integrates seamlessly with the full portfolio of rheology testing instruments you already know and trust from Alpha Technologies, which means streamlined operations, faster service, and technology that’s built to last.

How Does AlphaFlex10 Work?

AlphaFlex10 is a high elongation tensile tester designed to measure a wide range of rubber materials, including elastomers and non-rigid plastics. It works by applying tensile force to a specimen that has been attached to a variety of counterbalanced clamps at pre-selected gauge lengths. An optical encoder measures the slightest change in gauge length when the specimen is put under force, sending signals into the conditioner interface for processing.

Unique design that ensures an extremely low tracking force for testing sensitive materials

Robust construction that can easily withstand high-release forces and breaking energies

Simple yet effective follower attachment method for rapid throughput

A Highly Versatile Polymer Testing Machine

The AlphaFlex tensile tester offers a comprehensive range of testing modes, from tension and compression to flexural and cyclic testing. Empower your researchers and engineers to explore new enterprises in material behavior analysis by adding this powerful destructive physical properties testing machine to your in-house rubber testing capabilities.

One Software Program for All Your Data

Frustrated by the industry’s limited options for comprehensive processing software that can accommodate all the data coming from your rheometers and related testing machines? Leverage the power of LIMS with AlphaFlex and Enterprise.

Your team can easily access all their rheological and tensile results in one place via the proven and powerful Enterprise software they’re already familiar with. All Alpha software is built by our in-house team of software developers, so you can count on seamless integration and streamlined operations. AlphaFlex10 features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for your team to create, apply, and analyze test methods in a fast-paced laboratory environment.

Customizable Polymer Testing Equipment

With AlphaFlex, you get one frame and 250 possible configurations, so you can tailor the AlphaFlex testing setup to your team’s unique needs. The modular design allows users to create limitless combinations of specialized grips, data acquisition modules, and other add-ons for standard rubber test procedures, such as ASTM and ISO, and custom protocols for research, development, competitor product assessments, and failure analysis.

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Options for AlphaFlex Accessories:

  • Max force of 10kN (2,000 lbs)
  • Seamless integration with Enterprise software
  • Eight full-length built-in T slots
  • Multiple built-in pneumatic distribution ports
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of national and international standards for materials testing systems
  • Unique design that ensures an extremely low tracking force for testing sensitive materials
  • Robust construction that can easily withstand high-release forces and breaking energies
  • Simple yet effective follower attachment method for rapid throughput
  • Can be fitted to all sizes of screw-driven materials testing machines
  • Non-contacting design is ideal for use with fragile samples
  • Low-power helium neon laser with precision optical components
  • Dedicated 16-bit processor
  • Ideal for measuring strain of specimens inside environmental chamber
  • 4 available faces, including hands-free options
  • 4 sizes available
  • 1 option with 2 cross-cut faces
  • 3 options, including self-tightening and stirrup
  • 13 sizes available

How Is AlphaFlex Different From Other Tensile Testers?

Alpha Technologies rheometer instruments are designed to deliver repeatability, reproducibility, and reliability. This means a durable, quality product that will provide accurate testing data for many years. The AlphaFlex tensile tester brings that same level of reliability and top-tier quality to destructive physical properties testing – with the unmatched peace of mind of AlphaCare™ Instrument Support.

Your entire team will enjoy the same personalized support for your AlphaFlex setup from the same local service team that calibrates, verifies, and maintains all your Alpha Technologies testing equipment. Plus, our global network of direct certified AlphaConsult™ applications and software engineers can help your team analyze test results, develop new test applications, troubleshoot the AlphaFlex, and more.

When you add AlphaFlex to your lab, you get more than just another instrument – you get a streamlined one-stop-shop experience for all your testing needs and a testing solution that will last.

Stretch Further With Alpha Technologies

Whether you’re using our rheometers to make methods of transportation safer, construction materials more durable or food packaging more sustainable, we get it: There’s a lot riding on our testing.™

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