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Don’t tell us if one is bad and one is good, or which is which. We’ll tell you. Alpha will run tests of your materials on our Premier RPA and share the results. That way you can compare them with what information you’re getting now – either from your current in-house instruments or from another prospective vendor.

Our Top 10 RFQ Questions

Over the years, we’ve received countless RFQs for our instruments and software. Here are 10 questions that we think anyone in the rubber and polymer materials business should ask their prospective vendors. Feel free to borrow these questions to ask anyone you want. If you don’t get good answers, be sure to ask Alpha Technologies.


What is the average age of rheology instruments you have in the field?


Do you have a direct (not contractor) certified field service engineer located in my country?


How many of your instruments are currently working in the field?


Is your software able to multi-task while a test is running, or do you have to wait until the test is done to change or add tests to the queue?


Do you have direct (not contractor) applications engineers who can consult on analyzing test results, develop new test applications or help solve other instrument or software questions?


Show me what your data and analytical reports look like. How are they formatted?


How many data points does your instrument capture from the top of a sine wave to the next top?


What traceable standards do you use for calibrating your instruments in the field?


How efficiently does your instrument cool the dies to get it ready for the next test?


Can your software interface with other instruments in your lab that aren’t made by your company?

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