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Measure the difference in your compound,
not in your instrument.

AlphaCare for Instruments is a global service and calibration program designed to keep your instruments operating in conformance with ASTM/ISO guidelines. The main differences between AlphaCare and our competitors’ service offerings are three-fold:

  • Strict adherence to ASTM and ISO standards in providing calibration, verification and preventative maintenance using standard reference rubber compound and traceable torque standard.
  • Alpha Certified direct global service network of field service engineers and support staff.
  • Genuine OEM parts

Our competitors use a hodge-podge of pick-up agents who tend to be limited both in knowledge and experience on the instruments they service and how to calibrate those instruments using verifiable standards. Often, what they call “standards” are anything but. Their approach costs less for service calls, but often results in data that is questionable, at best. Not a great bargain, in our opinion.

AlphaCare contracts come in three flavors.

Pick the one that best fits your company’s needs.

All AlphaCare contracts include technical support, priority scheduling, discounts on Alpha training and preferred response for emergency services. AlphaCare works to avoid unscheduled downtime and premature part failure, reduce scrap and rework, and ensure precision instrument functionality.

AlphaCare Simplicity

Created for customers with lower production levels and testing frequency. Simplicity is a good fit for customers who depend on repeatability from their Alpha instruments.
  • 1 Visit per Year
  • Multipoint Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Recommended Preventive Maintenance
  • Final Check with Reference Compound
  • ISO 17025 Certificate
  • Standard Training Discounts
  • Standard Software Support Discounts
  • Standard Spares and Consumables Discounts
  • Priority Breakdown Response

AlphaCare Select

Enhanced support to achieve and maintain repeatability, reproducibility and accuracy for companies who depend on their testing instruments for reliable, consistent uptime in a production environment.
  • 2 Visits per Year
  • Multipoint Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Recommended Preventive Maintenance
  • Final Check with Reference Compound
  • ISO 17025 Certificate
  • Increased Training Discounts
  • Increased Software Support Discounts
  • Increased Spares and Consumables Discounts
  • Acccelerated Breakdown Response

AlphaCare Advantage

Customized for customers who require peak performance year round. AlphaCare Advantage is an excellent path to maximize up-time and data integrity in high-frequency testing environments. Includes one free breakdown/emergency service visit.
  • 4 Visits per Year
  • Multipoint Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Recommended Preventive Maintenance
  • Final Check with Reference Compound
  • ISO 17025 Certificate
  • Maximum Training Discounts
  • Maximum Software Support Discounts
  • Maximum Spares and Consumables Discounts
  • One Free Breakdown/Emergency Service Visit

Your Alpha Technologies representative can help you determine
which service contract is best for your specific facility, or your entire organization.

Man testing torque on a Premier RPA from Alpha Technologies

Calibration & Verification

Alpha Field Service Engineers follow standard ISO and ASTM procedures worldwide to ensure instruments provide consistent quality data regardless of location. Alpha ISO 17025 accreditation covers: torque, temperature, angle, mass, and force. Certificates are provided for all ISO services.

AlphaCare Correlation

Any of our AlphaCare service contracts will align your instrument within ISO reference compound limits. AlphaCare Correlation will align multiple instruments in your lab, or your global portfolio of instruments, and ensure they are all reporting within a tight range.
Correlated data from Alpha's enterprise software

Extending the Life of Your Instrument


Alpha’s ISO accredited field service engineers will come to your facility, thoroughly inspect your instrument and provide a checklist of parts that need to be replaced. We don’t powerwash and paint the instrument, but by replacing all your critical components your instrument will perform like new.


A popular choice for many Series 2000 instruments that still have years of life in them. The instrument is shipped back to Alpha where it undergoes a complete renovation, including all critical components as well as powerwash and fresh paint.


Yes, we can take an Alpha Premier MV and convert it to a Premier MDR. Many of our competitors say they can, too. They’ll take the carcass of one of our instruments and put in their own parts and PLC circuit boards (bad move) to sell you an “upgraded” instrument. Not the same.


When you are ready to move up to a Premier RPA, we will buy your MDR from you and apply the amount to the cost of the RPA. Think of it like a trade-in allowance for bringing in your old instrument to purchase a new, faster, better model.