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Alpha Technologies is the leader in applying rheology science to testing that makes a difference in the rubber and polymer world.

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Alpha Technologies Scientists & Engineers

Joined Alpha Technologies in 2010

Phil Minor

Firmware Engineer

Joined Alpha Technologies in 1986

Peter Boogaard

Software Engineering Manager 

Joined Alpha Technologies in 1999

Ken Schwenning

Technical Support Lead

Joined Alpha Technologies in 2008

Dung Nguyen

Electrical Engineer

Joined Alpha Technologies in 2017

Dilip Dhupia

Application Engineer

Joined Alpha Technologies in 2011

Nicholas Chin

Service Support Lead

Joined Alpha Technologies in 2000

Darin Myers

Senior Product Support Engineer

Americas & EMEA

Joined Alpha Technologies in 2018

Richard Hanzlik

Product Manager
Americas & EMEA

Alpha at Work.

For some of the most mission-critical applications anywhere – Alpha is involved in certifying the materials that go into aircraft, where the highest accuracy and consistent performance is absolutely required. We’re big in aircraft tire manufacturing, too.



This is where you’ll find the highest standards for quality and precision for medical appliances that work outside and inside the human body. Alpha is at work testing compounds that go into tubes, stoppers, valves, prosthetics and other biocompatible materials.

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Medical / Pharmaceutical

We were surprised when a plant-based food manufacturer asked if our Premier RPA could be used to test their products. (The answer is yes.) So, in addition to food packaging and other components for manufacturing, now we’re working in the kitchen, too.

Food / Food Packaging

Food / Food Packaging

For composite ballistic shielding, sound dampening materials (think submarines), waterproofing and seals for mission critical applications from rocket silos to anti-gas masks. Alpha instruments help defense departments help keep the world safe.



It’s about more than just tires. The transportation industry moves on the results of our testing – including rubber mountings, anti-vibration pads, belts, O-rings and seals, car mats. Oh… and tires… in case you hadn’t heard, we do a whole lot of testing for tire manufacturers.



From athletic equipment to refrigerator components to silicone potholders and gloves … our family of rheometers, tensile testers, density and hardness instruments are all integral to making the rubber and polymer compounds that are in a lot of the stuff in your home.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

When you’re at home, look around for anti-slip handles on tools, sealings application on windows, insulation foams, siding and roofing products. These all benefit from Alpha’s Premier RPA as well as tensile and other physical property testers.

Building Products

Building Products

Let’s get down to work. Alpha instruments are on the job testing compounds for polymer seals, O-rings, V-belts, conveyor belts, and gaskets. What’s more, our instruments provide reproducible results for companies operating from different sites worldwide.




A manufacturer in India gets the same, certified field service and applications support as their counterparts in Bogotá and Shanghai, thanks to Alpha’s global network. In addition, Alpha offers very high-level training for your QA and R&D lab technicians as well as consulting services to help you get more value from your data. AlphaCare provides full lifecycle support  – which for Alpha instruments can mean 50 years or more! With AlphaCare, we become part of your quality team.

Austin Cassel
Software Support Specialist
(actual human)

Here’s What I Need to Do

Does any of this look familiar. Are any of these on your list of action items (AKA “The To-Do List”)? Our Knowledge Hub can show you how Alpha can get you where you need to go.
Predict Polymer Performance

Big improvements in polymer performance come from tiny adjustments in your compound. Gain insight about how what you put in impacts how it comes out.

See Inside the Cure Process

The ability to measure your compounds before, during and after cure in a single test can be a game changer for your process.

Provide Verifiable Data to Customers

Have confidence that the proof of value (ISO, ASTM) that you provide your customers is backed up by certified, traceable standards.

Continuously Improve the Value of my Material

Alpha’s instruments can precisely measure very subtle changes in compounds. Alpha gets you where you need to go on materials roadmap for the future.

Get More Value from my Data/Go Back in Time

Alpha software lets you see your compound against historical data and gives you the ability to do predictive analytics for the downstream process. All in seconds.

Make My Lab More Efficient

Alpha can automate my testing. Alpha can provide high-end training for my technicians. Alpha helps me work smarter, not harder.

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