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Alpha continues to lead the way from the start of a revolution in rheology science to now.

Premier MDR

This is not our first MDR.

In the beginning… well, actually not that long ago, but still a good while… The Oscillating Disc Rheometer (ODR) was not only the instrument of choice, it was the only choice. And it was limited to about one test. That’s why the engineers and scientists at Alpha Technologies (then known as Monsanto Rubber Chemicals) got to work and changed an industry. They invented the Moving Die Rheometer – the MDR: the workhorse cure meter for rheology testing in rubber and polymer plants worldwide.

Today the Premier® MDR introduces new technology that delivers data with the highest consistency and long-term stability, compared to all other moving die rheometers. Premier MDR delivers reliable, repeatable data, batch after batch meeting ISO 6502 and ASTM D5289 standards and requirements. Repeatability also means your data is consistently reproducible from instrument to instrument and factory to factory, worldwide. Your data doesn’t shift just because your time zone does.

Premier MDR is custom-designed and manufactured to withstand any continuous production environment. In fact, many of our early MDRs are still on the job 20, 30, 40 years later. That’s why Alpha is trusted by more top tier rubber and polymer manufacturers than any other brand.

“There are a lot of reverse engineered copies of Premier MDR in the field. What they lack is our proprietary design and engineering, our high-performance electronics, and our commitment to traceable standards. That’s why they are priced lower, and we’re okay with that. Our competitors know what their instruments are worth.”

John Dick, Alpha Technologies Rheology Fellow

How to Compare Premier MDR with all the others.

Stiffer seals with low friction to prevent slippage and leakage and ensure no loss of signal. Plus, they last longer.

Oil saturated thrust bearings that last longer without greasing for overall lower maintenance costs.

Standard pressure transducer allows measurement of foam performance to determine if the pressure changes through the measurement. This enables you to optimize your formulation and reduce errors.


Separate touchscreen user interfaces – Workbench for instrument management and Online Manager for data analysis. Our custom electronics give you true multi-tasking. Unlike sluggish PLCs used by others, there’s no waiting for the test to finish before being able to review data.

Torque standards you can trust. Alpha is committed to traceable torque standards that make sure your instrument is accurately calibrated. Others use cheaper torque standards (that they don’t like to hand out) that have an unacceptable margin of error and need fudge factors to make them come out “right.”

Get more value from your Premier MDR

Options that expand the capabilities of your Premier MDR.

Rapid Change™ eccentric that allows simple and fast oscillation angle changes (0.2, 0.5, 1, and 3 degrees) without calibrating. We beat the competition by over an hour!

Easy Automation. Our 3-side open enclosure makes it easy to add multiple automation options to support low to high volume production demands. Our compact, lightweight sample delivery system delivers the most reliable sample transfer system in the industry.

Premier MDR

Standard Premier Features

Faster. Better Control. Better Resolution.

Custom Electronics that are matched to the instrument. Better control. Better resolution. Other RPAs use off-the-shelf PLCs to save money, but can’t fine-tune their electronics to their instrument – often overshoot set points then spend valuable time stabilizing.

Efficient Die Cooling

Efficient die cooling that gets your instrument ready for the next test. Why wait 20 minutes for dies to cool down when Premier instruments take about 6 minutes. (And our instruments are smart enough to know when the instrument reaches the right temperature. Others, not so much.)

Custom Designed Heating Control System

Because they are designed specifically for Premier instruments, our heating control system ramps up heating cycles faster and maintains control for more accurate cure times and more efficient production.

Dynamic Symmetry and Smart Alignment

More accurate measurements. No loss of signal thanks to Premier’s Smart Alignment and Dynamic Symmetry. On-target, parallel die closing, high stiffness and constant closing force.

Lighter. Stronger. Stiffer.

Work smarter not harder with lighter, cast aluminum frames. Not only are Premier frames light, but incredibly stiff for less variability. What’s more, Premier instruments incorporate frame compliance into the calibration for better data.

Control with a Personal Touch

Our incredibly intuitive user interface comes to you through a large, bright, touch screen panel that lets you navigate to the view you want or the information you need, fast and easy.



Frequency:100 cpm (1.67 Hz)
Temperature Range:Ambient to 446°F (230°C)
Strain:0.5 Standard (7%); 0.2, 1.0, and 3.0 degrees
 (2.8%, 14%, 42% or 100%) available ML, MH,MH-ML, Ts1, Ts2,
Onboard:T10, T50, T90, S? at ML, S? at MH, TD at ML, TD at MH, Max Cure Rate, Time at Max Cure Rate, Pressure point PH-PL and pressure time points
Testing Standards:Meets ASTM D5289, ISO6502, and DIN 53529
Electrical:100/110/120/130 VAC+/- 10%, 60 +/- 3Hz, 10amp, single phase 200,220,240,260 VAC +/-10%, 50Hz +/- 3amp single phase
Air Pressure:60 psi (414Kpa, 4.2 kg/cm2) minimum
Dimensions:W: 22 in (56 cm), D: 26 in (66 cm), H: 48 in (122 cm)
Weight:Net 350 lbs (159 kg)
LCD Touch Screen:155mm x 85mm, resolution 800 x 480


Sample Automation on a Premier RPA+

Sample Automation

5, 36, 256 Samples

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