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Alpha Technologies has the widest and deepest footprint of rheology experience available to our customers worldwide. We have “boots on the ground” throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia/Pacific. We are able to quickly understand and respond to regional processing methods. More importantly, we can bring our global perspective to support each customer’s needs, regardless of location. Global Support is just one part of what you get whenever you choose Alpha Technologies.

Rheology Scientists & Engineers

Instrument Support

A rubber or polymer company in India gets the same, certified field service and applications support as their counterparts in Bogotá and Shanghai and Austin, thanks to Alpha’s global network. What’s more, AlphaCare is flexible to meet your company’s specific requirements for ongoing instrument calibration, verification and repair. AlphaCare provides full lifecycle support  – which for Alpha instruments can mean 50 years or more!

Instrument Support

Software Support

Like our global network of instrument support service, Alpha has the infrastructure in place to support our software worldwide. Our software applications engineers can help troubleshoot a technical issue or install a new software patch or upgrade. AlphaCare software engineers can help create new routines in our Workbench or Process Manager applications. What’s more, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team can help you fill in the gaps on how to interpret your data.

Software Support

Rheology Scientists & Engineers

Application Support
and Consulting Services

The next generation of technicians are highly trained in everything but tribal knowledge. And the person who used to know your process better than his own children doesn’t work there anymore. And now you have a problem you haven’t seen before. That’s when the experience of Alpha’s field service and applications engineers come into play. We offer a range of consulting services – either on-site or remote – that can get to the source of the problem and give you the solutions you need. And do it fast.

We’ve been here before. We know where to look. We know what to do.

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Advanced Training

Alpha is a resource for developing your people to become highly-trained, certified technicians who are able to get the most value from your instruments and software. Alpha Training is available at the Alpha Training Center in Hudson, Ohio. We can also provide on-site training at your plant or R&D facilities.

Alpha Advanced Training can help your people become Masters of Materials.

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Rheology Scientists & Engineers
Rheology Scientists & Engineers

Genuine Alpha Parts and Consumables

One of the worst kept secrets in the rheology testing industry is that most instruments and their internal parts are reverse-engineered copies of Alpha. But a copy is never as good as the original. And so using cheaper parts and consumables can result in huge shifts of unreliable, unsustainable data. Don’t cheap out on your precision-made Premier RPA (or any other Alpha instrument). Get the facts. Then get genuine Alpha OEM parts and Consumables.

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