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It’s Mooney and more! Do you really need a viscometer this good? Yes, you do.

Premier MV

Everybody’s got one.

When Melvin Mooney created the viscometer, little did he know his calculations and the instrument that bears his name would become ubiquitous in the rubber and polymer world. But, we do think he would approve of the design and engineering improvements Alpha Technologies has made since then, in developing our Premier® MV.

With an all-new compact design, the Premier MV is a cost-effective way to perform three critical rubber and polymer tests:

  • Mooney Viscosity
  • Mooney Stress Relaxation
  • Mooney Scorch
  • Delta Mooney

The enhancements and improved functionality of Premier MV mean one thing for companies who need to add a full-feature viscometer to their line-up – Premier MV gives you more bank for the buck.

Yes, if you only need one Mooney test to validate your material, you could get by with a cheaper instrument. You would also be getting by with more variability, less reliability and slower testing cycles. So I think the cost/benefit ratio is clearly in favor of Premier MV.”

~ Jessica Gialamas, Alpha Technologies Application Engineer

How to Compare Premier MV with all the others.

Superior Die Cooling and Temperature Stability – Thanks to low mass dies and proprietary digital temperature control, Premier MV delivers excellent temperature stability and a 45% reduction in die cooling time compared to previous models. Does your viscometer do that?

Multi-Speed Measurement – Controls for multiple shear rates to establish power law curve and other shear-viscosity plots.

Rotor Alignment Detection – Prevents inadvertent damage to the rotor and shaft by closing on an out-of-alignment rotor, and reduces time and cost required for replacing rotor and shaft.

Automatic Dead Weight Calibration – Allows calibration of instrument in a matter of seconds.

Advanced Validation Procedures – Provides assurance that you are meeting the setpoints specified by ASTM.

Standard multi-zone stress relaxation and variable speed digital motor – essential in obtaining advanced processing information such as identifying thixotropic materials.

Optional Long-Life O-Ring – keeps your instrument on the job long by reducing frequent cleaning and calibration.


Premier MV

Standard Premier Features

Faster. Better Control. Better Resolution.

Custom Electronics that are matched to the instrument. Better control. Better resolution. Other RPAs use off-the-shelf PLCs to save money, but can’t fine-tune their electronics to their instrument – often overshoot set points then spend valuable time stabilizing.

Efficient Die Cooling

Efficient die cooling that gets your instrument ready for the next test. Why wait 20 minutes for dies to cool down when Premier instruments take about 6 minutes. (And our instruments are smart enough to know when the instrument reaches the right temperature. Others, not so much.)

Custom Designed Heating Control System

Because they are designed specifically for Premier instruments, our heating control system ramps up heating cycles faster and maintains control for more accurate cure times and more efficient production.

Dynamic Symmetry and Smart Alignment

More accurate measurements. No loss of signal thanks to Premier’s Smart Alignment and Dynamic Symmetry. On-target, parallel die closing, high stiffness and constant closing force.

Lighter. Stronger. Stiffer.

Work smarter not harder with lighter, cast aluminum frames. Not only are Premier frames light, but incredibly stiff for less variability. What’s more, Premier instruments incorporate frame compliance into the calibration for better data.

Control with a Personal Touch

Our incredibly intuitive user interface comes to you through a large, bright, touch screen panel that lets you navigate to the view you want or the information you need, fast and easy.



Temperature Range:Ambient to 392°F (200°C)
Rotation:0.01to 20 RPM (Standard 2.0 RPM)
Onboard:ML (1+4), ML (1+8), t5, t35, t3, t18, cure index, t80 (s), X30 (%), a, k, r and A (M-s), ML 15 min – ML 1.5 min;
ML 7 min – ML 1; MLmax − MLmin. Additional customized data points can be calculated.
Testing Standards:Meets ASTM D1646; ASTM D3346; ISO 289 – 1; ISO 289 – 2; ISO 289 – 3; ISO 289 – 4

100/110/120/130 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 ±3 Hz, 10 amp single phase.

200/220/240/260 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 ±3 Hz, 5 amp single phase

Air Pressure:60 psi (414Kpa, 4.2 kg/cm2) minimum
Dimensions:Width: 22 in (56 cm); Height: 48 in (122 cm); Depth: 26 in (66 cm)
Weight:Net 350 lbs (159 kg)
LCD Touch Screen:6.1 in x 3.3 in (155 mm x 85 mm), Resolution 800 x 480


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