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Precision products that are on the job all day, every day.

Meet the Family of Products

Alpha instruments and software are production-grade tools that enable our customers to make a difference in the materials they produce. They are custom-designed and manufactured to withstand any continuous production environment. In fact, many Alpha instruments are still on the job 20, 30, 40 years later.

That’s why they are trusted by more top tier tire and rubber companies than any other brand.


Proprietary design and manufacturing means instruments that provide data that’s more reliable, repeatable, reproducible.

In your quality lab, Alpha’s instruments deliver consistent repeatable data, batch after batch. Alpha certification is aligned with and meets ISO and ASTM standards and requirements. Repeatability also means your data is consistently reproducible from instrument to instrument and factory to factory, worldwide. Your data doesn’t shift just because your time zone does.

In an R&D lab, Alpha instruments can measure your materials before, during and after cure in a single test. And with Alpha’s proprietary system for automation, your labs can run multiple tests overnight without supervision.

It’s time for you to meet the family of Alpha’s Premier Instruments.


Enterprise software gives you more than just information… we give you Insight!

This is not the kind of software that spits a bunch of data onto a spreadsheet and challenges you to find the important cell. Alpha’s proprietary Enterprise software lets you look at your data in the format you want to see it. And, because our instrument electronics are custom-designed – not off-the-shelf PLCs – Enterprise software offers you true multi-tasking – run a test… review data… develop a new test… schedule the new test…all at the same time. What’s more, Enterprise integrates with other equipment and software platforms you currently have in your labs. It’s the basis for a well-planned LIMS.