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Greater testing capabilities. Lower capital spending. Reduced testing costs.

Sub-Zero attached to Alpha RPA

A faster test for key tire performance predictors.

It is now possible to make tire performance predictors measurements in torsion – providing 11 key tire performance predictors in about 23 minutes. So, instead of spending a lot of money on a DMA, hiring a skilled technician, and waiting a prohibitively long time for results, you can add Sub-Zero technology to your Premier RPA and get the data you want in one efficient, cost-effective tool.

One test, on one sample can give you 11 or more release criteria in about 23 minutes. And, with the addition of one of Alpha’s automation options, even more rigorous release testing can be performed 24/7 without the need of a trained technician or operator.

# Test method Predictor Temp. C Variable Time (min.)
1 D6204A Processing 100 TanD, G*,G' 1.5
2 D6204B Processing 100 TanD, G*,G' 1.5
3 VTA Cure Scorch 200 TS1, TS2 5
4 Cure 200 Tc,ML,MH,S'Rate
5 Strain Sweep Rolling Resistance 60 TanD 3
6 Heat Build up 60 TanD
7 Dry handling 60 G'
8 Strain Sweep Dry Traction 30 TanD 3
9 Strain Sweep Wet Traction 0 TanD 3
10 Strain Sweep Ice Traction -10 TanD 3
11 Strain Sweep Winter Traction -20 G' 3
Table 1. Sample Tire Performance Predictor Test Method

Alpha’s scientists and engineers have combined a drier, a chiller (without the use of liquid nitrogen) and proprietary technology to test cured samples down to -25ºC. What’s more, these test conditions can be included at the end of a standard RPA release tests that measures uncured processing, cure/scorch and physicals. You are able to add tests for rolling resistance and wet/ice traction and other predictors that were previously exclusive to a DMA utilizing Alpha’s Sub-Zero technology.

Sub-Zero Chiller
Sub-Zero Component

One test, on one sample, utilizing one really cool (pun intended) instrument. Alpha’s Sub-Zero Technology removes the barriers to low-temperature quality testing.

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