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Our History Timeline Alpha Technologies instruments in gray scale

Do you know the History of the Rubber Process Analyzer?

Our history starts with the Monsanto company. Prior to Alpha Technologies we were known as Monsanto.

In the spirit of Thomas Edison, the team of Monsanto scientists and engineers went through multiple iterations over many years before the successful introduction of the Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) – an instrument that could provide more scientific studies including true iso-thermal testing, as well as accommodate automation. Building on the success of the MDR, Alpha Technologies (having been spun off as a separate company in 1986) raised the bar for rubber and polymer testing again with the invention of the Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA). The RPA is the first instrument able to measure compounds before, during and after cure in a single test. The RPA has enabled compounders, QA and R&D technicians to perform an almost unlimited number of tests on their materials. These tests not only assured the quality of the material, but also gives companies the ability to continuously improve the value of their materials.

Today, Alpha Technologies is the leader in rheology testing instruments, software and application support that makes a difference in the rubber and polymer world. 

Do You Have the Oldest Alpha RPA in Service?

Our History Timeline Alpha Technologies RPA 200 Series Instrument
Premier RPA from Alpha Technologies

Alpha Technologies introduced the industry’s first Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) to the world in 1992. And, while many advances and improvements have been made in the 30 years that followed, many of our customers still rely on their original RPA. Talk about “built to last!”

We’re looking for the oldest RPA still in service. The winner will receive a rheology library, Alpha swag, and a commemorative award. click the button below, fill in the form and upload a photo of your RPA (by itself or with members of your QC or R&D team – an RPA selfie) and a photo of the serial plate. You could be the winning entry!

30 years later we are still making a difference.

Thanks for riding with us.

30th anniversary of RPA logo

Rheologists and Engineers at Alpha Technologies invented the RPA 30 years ago. Maybe you learned your craft on one of the originals. It’s even possible your first RPA is still on the job (if so, please be sure to enter our Oldest RPA Sweepstakes). Our game-changing
RPA came at the heels of another Alpha invention that is also an essential part of QC labs worldwide – the MDR. Then, as now, Alpha is where new ideas and capabilities come from. That’s why Alpha is trusted by more top tier rubber and polymer manufacturers than any other brand.

And the best is yet to come. Our newest generation of Premier RPA is loaded with innovations like a die-gap sensor and add-on capabilities like Sub-Zero Technology. Welcome to Generation Alpha. It’s going to be a great ride.

Why Should I Buy A Rubber Process Analyzer?

Premier RPA has been engineered for continuous production in both lab and factory-floor environments. It delivers consistent, repeatable data batch after batch after batch. And that kind of repeatability means your data is consistently reproducible over the many instruments located in your plants around the world. Your data doesn’t shift just because your time zone does.

That’s why Alpha is trusted by more rubber and polymer manufacturers than any other brand. 

Premier RPA