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Man testing torque on a Premier RPA from Alpha Technologies

The Premier Rubber Process Analyzer – Consistent, Repeatable Data

What is a Rubber Process Analyzer?

A rubber process analyzer (RPA) is a rubber testing instrument used to evaluate and quantify the dynamic properties of cured and uncured rubbers and rubber compounds. The ends of a prepared rubber compound sample are secured into conical dies. One die remains still while the other oscillates, putting shear stress on the rubber sample.

An RPA can test the physical properties of rubber materials as well as molecular weight (MW), molecular weight distribution (MWD), and polymer architecture, such as long-chain branching.

Benefits of Using a Rubber Process Analyzer

There are several advantages to using a rubber process analyzer (RPA) instead of a Mooney viscometer, moving die rheometer (MDR), or other rubber dynamics testing methods.

Raw Material and Compound Optimization

Using an RPA gives manufacturers detailed insight into even the smallest adjustments to their rubber compound recipes. Testing rubber compounds with an RPA before and after curing allows manufacturers to quantify the outcomes of every change made to a formulation and optimize for both processing and performance before investing in large-scale production. RPA data can support a wide range of optimization goals, such as scrap reduction and overall manufacturing efficiency.

Process Simulation and Troubleshoot

An RPA can be leveraged to predict how a rubber material or rubber compound may behave in a manufacturing environment. Using this data to identify and address potential challenges early in the process can reduce the risk of costly, time-intensive troubleshooting down the road.

Quality Control and Assurance

A rubber process analyzer (RPA) is a fantastic tool for assessing the structural integrity and performance of a rubber compound under rigorous conditions. RPA testing can be conducted in extreme heat or cold to see how the sample material behaves at those temperatures.

How Does Alpha’s Premier RPA Compare With The Others?

We designed the Alpha Technologies Premier RPA with premium features and quality components to outperform every other RPA on the market.

Stiffer Seals With Low Friction

The seals on the Alpha Technologies Premier RPA are made from a stiffer material than our competitors. This prevents slippage and keeps material from leaking or flowing beneath the seal plate. The stiffer seals on our RPA also prevent loss of signal during testing.

Separate User Interfaces

Our software supports separate interfaces for testing and data analysis, both of which can be used at the same time. This allows team members to review testing data without having to wait for someone to finish a current test.

Extended Dynamic Range

The Alpha Technologies Premier RPA captures more data points per second than any other RPA on the market. Our Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) is a critical feature for RPA testing, especially when low strain results in a small signal.

Easy Calibration

Unlike other RPAs that require professional calibration, the Alpha Technologies Premier RPA can be calibrated by your laboratory staff after changing the seals. This saves you from having to incorporate fudge factors into your data analysis or endure instrument downtime while waiting for a calibration appointment with a service technician.

Premier Torque Standards

Alpha Technologies has invested in top-quality torque standards for the Premier RPA, ensuring accurate calibration and margin of error.

Unmatched RPA Maintenance and Support

When you invest in an Alpha Technologies instrument, your company is paired up with a dedicated support professional who serves as your go-to specialist on RPA maintenance, calibration, and repairs. You don’t have to spend precious time introducing a new person to your system every time you need RPA maintenance: You can count on your designated support technician to become an expert on your company’s setup and needs.

Get Highly Accurate Data with Alpha Technologies’ Premier RPA

The Alpha Technologies Premier RPA is a proven, field-tested industry leader in dynamics testing. We designed the Premier RPA with premium features, top-quality components, and a user-friendly software platform, to ensure streamlined operations and accurate data, every time. The Alpha Technologies Premier RPA performs reliably in fast-paced environments, from laboratories to factory floors, so you can stick to your production schedules and stay ahead of your competition.

Investing in a Premier RPA from Alpha Technologies will meaningfully enhance your rubber product development process and quality control efforts. To request a quote, talk to a member of our team.

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