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Alpha Technologies revolutionizes the RPA testing market with new Sub-Zero™ Technology

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Alpha Technologies

Alpha Technologies, the leader in rubber rheology testing, has released a new technology that solidifies their instrument’s reputation as the most versatile in the market. By extending their industry-leading Premier™ RPA to include Sub-Zero™ Technology, Alpha Technologies is giving tire manufacturers a more efficient, accurate way to perform compound testing throughout a wide range of conditions including sub-ambient temperatures.

Before the release of Sub-Zero™ Technology, users would need multiple instruments to run separate RPA and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) tests. But now, cure characteristics and tire tread performance predictors for rolling resistance, winter traction, handling/cornering and wet traction can be tested with one convenient machine. Premier™ RPA with Sub-Zero™ Technology boasts a solution that is easy to operate, offers sub-ambient testing capabilities without the use of liquid nitrogen (down to –25° C) and significantly reduces in-process testing time to as little as 25 minutes. That means greater testing capabilities with the potential for lower capital spending and reduced operational costs. The new sub-ambient operating range also has utility in automotive anti-vibration systems, sealing technologies and other rubber applications.

“At Alpha Technologies, we’re always pushing ourselves to give our customers more. Our new Sub-Zero Technology is a direct response to what we saw as a gap in the market — an opportunity to offer testing capabilities that not only meet new, more demanding test standards, but also make our customers’ jobs easier,” said Neil Friery, President, Alpha Technologies.

In addition to helping users save time and cost, this revolutionary instrument also guarantees a higher level of accuracy than what’s available anywhere else. To compensate for volume changes throughout the test, the Premier RPA leverages proprietary Precision Dynamic Modulus™ (PDM) technology that maintains cavity pressure and measures the actual die gap, for greater repeatability and reproducibility than any other rheometer on the market.

“For us, accuracy is everything. It gives tire manufacturers that peace of mind in knowing that they’re meeting the highest standards of safety to reduce their risk of failure. Accuracy is about more than dollars and cents. It’s about ensuring we’re doing our part to keep people safe while on the road,” said Jayson Humble, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development, Alpha Technologies.

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About Alpha Technologies

Alpha Technologies, a Roper Technologies company, is the world leader in design and manufacturing of instruments and software that deliver precision analysis of rubber and elastomeric materials. Premier RPA™ with Sub-Zero™ Technology is their newest offering in a long line of products that measure the dynamic, physical and processability characteristics of rubbers and polymers. With a dedication to helping clients improve and enable performance, value and safety, Alpha continues to innovate and advance with best-in-class testing solutions. Headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, the company is staffed with highly trained professionals around the world who are ready to assist clients in achieving their goals.

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